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In-Suite Insurance - Owner's Obligation

Paisley Manor Insurance Brokers

Dear Condominium Unit Owner of TSCC # 1622 and TSCC # 1650

As the Insurance Brokers for your Condominium Corporation, we, at Paisley-Manor Insurance Brokers, feel it is important to make you aware of the insurance issues regarding both the Corporation's Insurance and your requirements and obligations regarding insuring your property.

The Condominium Corporation is responsible for insuring the following:

Your Insurance Responsibilities as a Unit Owner are as follows:

In addition, Unit Owners should be aware of the following!

There are specially designed Condominium Owners Policies that should be purchased to protect your exposures and we urge you to obtain such coverages. Failure to maintain adequate Condominium Unit Owners Insurance could result in severe financial hardship should a serious loss occur!

We, as the Insurance Broker for your Condominium Corporation, have made special arrangements with one of Canada's largest Insurer, ING, to provide a special “Comprehensive Condominium Policy” for your requirements. These broad and extensive coverages are very competitively priced and will respond to many claims not covered under some insurance policies available today. If you would like a no-obligation quotation, please contact our office at 416.380.2256 and our representative will obtain the required information to provide a quotation and give you a more extensive overview of the Policy.

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