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17. Additional Rules and Enforcement

  • 17.1 In accordance with Section 29 of the Condominium Act, the Board of Directors may pass further rules respecting the use of the common elements and units or any of them to promote the safety, security or welfare of the owners and of the property or for the purpose of preventing unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of the common elements and of other units. In addition, the Declarant reserves the right, prior to registration of this condominium plan, to pass further rules respecting the use of the recreational amenities.
  • 17.2 The rules shall be reasonable and consistent with the Act, the declaration and by-laws and the owners may at any time after a rule becomes effective amend or repeal a rule at a meeting of owners duly called for that purpose.
  • 17.3 The proposed declarant has a duty, until registration of the declaration and description, to effect compliance by occupiers of proposed units with the rules proposed by the declarant and every person in occupation of a proposed unit has a right to the compliance by every other occupant of a proposed unit with the rules in accordance with Section 31 of the Act.
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