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Responsibilities Between Corporation And Unit Owner

Table of Allocation

Building Components (Items)

Plumbing and related systems and components thereof.

Corporation's Responsibilities

common elementsExclusive Use Common ElementsUnit ComponentsUnit Owner's Responsibility

All maintenance, repair and replacement of portions of plumbing constituting service to more than one unit. Water damage to common elements or units through negligence of the occupants of the unit.

This chart and the titles and headings used herein are not intended to describe all maintenance functions or delineate all responsibilities between the unit owners, severally and the Corporation. The placement of responsibility under any specific column does not always reflect the precise character and nature of ownership under every given set of circumstances.

The appropriate sections of the Declaration should be referred to determine ownership. Reference should also be made to Sections 14, 15 and Schedule "C" of the Declaration for particulars regarding specific inclusions and exclusions of the residential units, parking units and locker/bicycle storage units.

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Items appearing in this column are illustrative and not exhaustive.

Corporation's Responsibility - Common Elements:
Responsibility for determining and providing for the maintenance, repair and replacement requirements of the common elements and determining the costs thereof shall be primarily the responsibility of the Corporation and others to which it may designate certain responsibilities.

Corporation's Responsibility - Unit Components:
The items in this column are legally defined as a unit or are attached or directly connected to a unit but are associated with the common elements in such a way that a clear distinction between unit owner and Corporation responsibility cannot be made. Such items frequently involve matters of concern relative to the general health, safety and welfare of all of the occupants of the building. Thus certain costs which appear to benefit a single unit owner but which affects other unit owners are declared a common expense, especially when the correct functioning of an activity or element is integral to or supportive of the legally defined common elements and common expenses.

Unit Owner's Responsibility:
The items in this column are not intended to be exhaustive and all encompassing, and do not affect responsibilities otherwise expressly provided for in the Declaration.