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16. Guest Suites

  • 16.1 Any resident of this Condominium wishing to reserve the use of a guest suite in this Building shall arrange a prior booking of the guest suite with and provide a refundable deposit to the Building Manager in such amount and upon such terms as may be reasonably determined by the board of directors of the Corporation.
  • 16.2 The resident owner shall be responsible for the payment, in full, of the guest fees payable to the Corporation for use of the guest suite, and the resident shall assume full responsibility for any damage caused to the guest suite by his/her guests, and also assume primary responsibility to ensure there are no disturbances to other residents of the Building as a result of any activity by the resident or the resident's guests occupation of the guest suite.
  • 16.3 The guest suite shall only be used to provide overnight accommodation for the guests of owners and residents of the residential units in this Condominium or in Building B, and the use of the guest suite shall be subject to the terms and provisions of any license agreement which the board requires both the resident owner and the guests to enter into with the Corporation prior to keys and entry into the guest suite being provided by the Building Manager.

Download the Guest Suite Agreement form