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8. Pets

  • 8.1 No animal, livestock or fowl other than a household pet as defined in the declaration shall be kept on the property and no pet that is deemed by the board or Manager to be a nuisance shall be kept by any owner in any unit or in any other part of the property.
  • 8.2 Any dog or cat must wear a collar with an identification of its owner.
  • 8.3 No dangerous animal or pet shall be permitted to be in or about any unit or the common elements at any time. No breeding of pets for sale shall be carried on in the property.
  • 8.4 No pet shall be permitted to make excessive noise and for the purpose of this provision “excessive noise” shall be deemed to mean noise which is annoying or disturbing to any owner, but nothing herein shall restrict the discretion of the Board or Manager.
  • 8.5 Unless within the confines of a residential unit, all dogs and cats shall be kept or held in hand means of a short lead, leash or chain and this provision shall be applicable to the whole of the common elements whether interior or exterior.
  • 8.6 No pet shall be permitted to soil or damage any part of the common elements whether by waste, excrement or otherwise, and in the event of same the owner of the pet shall make good such damage and effect the removal of any such excrement and save harmless the Corporation from any expense in connection therewith. And it is hereby declared that the minimum charge for removal of excrement from the property shall be $50.00 per removal chargeable against the unit owner in whose unit the pet is resident or which unit the pet is visiting.
  • 8.7 Any owner who keeps a pet on the property or any part thereof contrary to these rules (or any of them) shall within two (2) weeks of receipt of a written notice from the Board or the Manager requesting the removal of such pet, permanently remove such pet from the property.
Pets at Ellipse Condominium