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9. Parking

  • 9.1 Each owner, or resident, shall provide the Corporation with the licence numbers of all motor vehicles driven by residents of that particular unit. The registry of such numbers shall be used only for the conduct of Corporation business.
  • 9.2 Residents shall not be permitted to park their vehicles above or below grade in the visitor parking areas under any circumstances.
  • 9.3 All motor vehicles operated by resident or their visitors and parked in the parking garage must be registered with the Building Manager. Residents are required to properly display parking stickers or decals in their vehicles at all times.
  • 9.4 All moving vans and delivery vehicles are required to register with the Building Manager the following information:
    1. Driver's name
    2. Driver's company
    3. Licence plate number
    4. Name of resident and apartment for delivery
    5. Arrival and departure time.
  • 9.5 No unit owner or occupant shall install, or cause or permit to be installed a garage door, or enclosure of any kind on a parking unit, nor shall any unit owner or occupant enclose, or cause or permit to be enclosed, any parking unit in any manner whatsoever.
  • 9.6 No motor vehicle, other than a private passenger automobile, motorcycle, station wagon or family van, shall be parked in any parking unit.
  • 9.7 No parking unit shall be leased to or occupied by any person other than a resident of Building A or Building B.
  • 9.8 Parking is prohibited in the following areas:
    1. Fire routes
    2. The common interior roadway, the traffic circle, delivery and service areas
    3. Parking spaces other than the parking units specifically designated in the declaration and according to the registered title for the owner's use.
  • 9.9 Drivers shall turn on the headlights when entering or driving within the parking garage area.
  • 9.10 In the event of the mechanical breakdown of a motor vehicle, the owner of such vehicle shall push the vehicle out of any right-of-way and notify the concierge of the breakdown and remove the motor vehicle as soon as a tow truck can be obtained.
  • 9.11 No repairs other than minor emergency repairs shall be made to any motor vehicle parked or left standing in any parking unit or upon the common elements.
  • 9.12 No car washing shall be permitted except in such area as may, at some future date, be specifically designated by the board of directors for such purpose.
  • 9.13 No owner shall plug in or cause to be plugged into any electrical service, any in-car or block heater.
  • 9.14 Except for his private passenger automobile, no owner or occupant shall store or leave in his parking unit any other object, including tires, bicycles, firewood, cans, bottles or containers.
  • 9.15 No owners shall lease his parking unit unless he complies with the requirements of the declaration, by-laws, rules and regulations from time to time of the Corporation.
  • 9.16 A motor vehicle shall not be driven on any part of the common elements at a speed in excess of the posted speed nor on any part of the common elements which has not been designated for the passage of motor vehicles.
  • 9.17 No owner or occupant shall place, leave, park or permit to be placed, left or parked in or upon the common elements or a parking unit any private passenger automobile which, in the opinion of the Board or the Manager, may pose a security or safety risk, either caused by its length of unattended stay, its physical condition or its potential damage to the property. Upon two (2) weeks' written notice by the Board or the Manager, the owner of such vehicle shall be required to attend to his vehicle as the circumstances require and as directed by the Board or the Manager.
  • 9.18 No person shall park a motor vehicle in contravention of these rules in default of which such person shall be liable to be fined or to have his motor vehicle towed from the property under City by-laws in which event the Corporation and its agents shall not be liable for any damage, costs or expenses howsoever caused in respect of any motor vehicle so removed from the property.
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