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15. Entertainment Room



  • 15.1 The Entertainment Room may be reserved by a resident. Reservations by other than a resident are not permitted.
  • 15.2 It is understood and agreed -that according to Building regulations, the party authorized to use the facility shall not permit more than 60 persons to be in attendance at the function for which the room is rented.
  • 15.3 An all inclusive guest list is to be provided to the Property Management Office prior to the function.
  • 15.4 The contemplated use of the premises MUST be fully disclosed to the Shared Facilities Committee as a condition of, and prior to, the rental of the Entertainment Room. It is agreed that the premises will not be used for any immoral or offensive use and, where at the sole discretion of the Board, it is determined that the requested function should more properly be held in an off-site commercial establishment, then the Corporation reserves the right to disallow the use of the Entertainment Room.
  • 15.5 The Owner is responsible for full compliance with any legal or regulatory obligations and will fully indemnify and hold harmless the Corporation's, its employees and agents, from any breach thereof.
  • 15.6 The party member authorized to use the facility shall not permit noisy or rowdy behaviour or any illegal act in or adjacent to the Entertainment Room or upon the common elements, nor any behaviour which may disturb the enjoyment of other residents, their families, guests, visitors, servants, and persons having business with them.
  • 15.7 The member agrees to ascertain any and all permits, licenses, consents that are or may be required in connection with the use of the Entertainment Room by the member as aforesaid, and to obtain such permits, licenses and consents at his or her own expense prior to the rental date set out in the rental contract, and to have licenses, permits and consent posted or available for inspections, as maybe required.
  • 15.8 If alcohol is to be available in the Entertainment Room, no person under the age of 19 is - to be allowed in the room.
  • 15.9 Advance notice, in writing to the Property Management Office for approval, prior to Entertainment Room booking confirmation, is required if there is a need to bring in additional furniture/equipment or if any existing furniture is to be moved.
  • 15.10 The event is restricted to the Entertainment Room and the washrooms immediately adjacent to the Entertainment Room. All other areas of the building are off-limits to party guests. No food or drink is allowed beyond the Entertainment Room doors.
  • 15.11 Door exits must be kept free from obstructions at all times.
  • 15.12 Residents are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that their families, guests and visitors are familiar with these rules.
  • 15.13 The resident will assume full responsibility for the preservation of proper order and decorum and ensure there are no disturbances to, or disruption of the ongoing activities in the Recreation Centre, grounds and common areas.
  • 15.14 The resident (owner) will be responsible for Ms/her guests' behaviour. If in the opinion of the Committee or its representative, the resident cannot or will not control the behaviour of his/her guests and the situation in the Committee's opinion has deteriorated to an unsatisfactory level, the Committee or its representative on duty will have full authority to terminate the party immediately and ask all persons to leave the premises; and/or the police may be called to assist the representative in controlling the situation and/or the security deposit may be forfeited as partial compensation. It will be at the sole discretion of the Committee as to whether the security deposit will be withheld and as to whether the resident will be permitted to use the Entertainment Room for any further occasion.
  • 15.15 Any damage to the Building, rounds, or room itself, caused by the resident, any members of the resident's family, or any of the residents guests by reason of or arising out of the rental and use of the Entertainment Room will be the full responsibility of the resident, and the resident agrees to pay the costs involved in restoring any property damaged to its original condition.
  • 15.16 Any damage to furnishings and/or finish of rooms and/or theft or loss of the Corporation's property is the responsibility of the resident who will be assessed the costs of repairs, refinishing or replacing as determined by the Corporation in its sole discretion. The resident accepts responsibility far the use of the room in accordance with regulations governing usage of areas described, and as set out herein.
  • 15.17 Neither the Corporation nor the Committee is responsible for loss or damage to any personal property or for personal injury to homeowners or guests, however caused.
  • 15.18 Residents shall inform their guests in advance as to alternate parking areas outside of the property in the event that all Visitor Parking spaces are filled. Under no circumstances will any vehicle be allowed to park on the fire route.
  • 15.19 If a conflict exists between these guidelines and the Entertainment Room Rental Agreement, the signed Entertainment Room Rental Agreement takes precedence.


A Security Officer must be in attendance during the entire time of the function. Arrangements will be handled by the Building Manager.

In House Activities.

The Corporation (or the Shared Facilities Committee) reserves the right to permit exclusive use of the Entertainment Room without an agreement, deposit, or fees for activities or events of a social or recreational nature operated by the Social/Recreation Committee or other groups or clubs for the benefit of the residents of the Condominium.

Indemnity of the Corporation

Any person, persons or organizations using facilities and common element areas shall indemnify and save harmless the Corporation, its officers and employees, from any and all liability and from all claims and demands arising out of misuse of facilities, damage or injuries to person or property from any cause whatsoever in or about or in any way connected with the property and defend, at the expense of the person, persons or committee to whom any permit is issued all suits which may be brought out against the Corporation, its officers or employees, in respect of any such claim or demand and pay all the judgments, fines or penalties that may be rendered against the Corporation, its officers or employees on that account thereof.

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