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7. Tenancies

  • 7.1 Owners shall ensure that their tenants strictly comply with the provisions governing the use and occupation and leasing of residential units set forth in the declaration. If an owner fails to obtain the statement and cotenant from his tenant as required pursuant to the declaration, or fails to ensure his own compliance and that of his tenants with the requirements of the Condominium Act, the declaration and the rules, any person or persons intending to reside in the residential unit and common elements shall be considered to be an unauthorized person and entry to the building or any part of the common elements including the recreational amenities may be expressly denied by the Building Manager until such person(s) and the owner have filly complied with the Act, the declaration and the rules.
  • 7.2 Within 20 days of ceasing to rent his residential and/or parking twit (or within 20 days of his being advised that his tenant has vacated or abandoned such unit(s), as the case may be) the owner shall notify the Building Manager in writing that the unit is no longer rented and shall be personally responsible to the Corporation for the return of any keys, identification cards, parking garage remote control device or similar means of identification or access initially provided to such tenant and for any additional costs incurred by the Corporation by reason of the owner's failure to comply with this rule.

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