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5. Services Provided by the Concierge Desk

  • 5.1 The concierge and any security staff employed by the Corporation will be instructed not to allow visitors, workmen or delivery persons entry into the building unless such entry is authorized by the appropriate resident of a residential unit and such authorization has been communicated to the concierge in the manner and format prescribed from time to time by the Board.
  • 5.2 The concierge is instructed to have any cars which are improperly parked on the property (including residents' vehicles) tagged and/or towed from the property.
  • 5.3 The concierge will be instructed by management that if a resident is not in when a parcel is delivered, to take delivery of the parcel to the parcel area and later inform the resident as soon as is reasonably convenient. The concierge is not to accept delivery of cash, registered mail, large or heavy furniture, or any thing that cannot easily be carried by one person. Any large or heavy articles such as furniture may be delivered directly to the resident's apartment through the designated moving elevator and by the delivery personnel providing a letter of authorization to this effect signed by the resident and left with the concierge together with a key to the residential unit.
Ellipse Condominiums, Scarborough, Ontario