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4. Security Controlled Access to Units

  • 4.1 No one shall change any lock or locks in a residential unit or the common elements or place any additional lock on any door in or to any residential unit or the common elements, without first obtaining the written approval of the Board and, if such approval is given, without first providing a key for such changes or additional lock or locks to the Corporation.
  • 4.2 Prior to leaving the unit for any extended period of time, each resident shall arrange to stop delivery of newspapers and any other deliveries and inform security personnel that the resident is on vacation or away from the unit for an extended period of time and that all such deliveries have been suspended. Newspapers and other items delivered to a unit and not picked up after reasonable time may be removed by the Building Manager.
  • 4.3 If guests are given permission to occupy a residential unit during a resident's absence, the Building Manager shall be notified in writing of the name of such guests, dates of occupancy and their automobile licence numbers. No guests will be admitted to the property nor permitted to occupy any residential unit unless such information is so provided.
  • 4.4 The Board of Directors shall have the authority from time to time to restrict the number of building access keys and/or access cards to unit owners and set policies regarding replacement of such keys and/or cards from time to time. Each owner shall abide by such policies, as set out by the Board of Directors from time to time.
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