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WSG TriSorter - Specialized Garbage Chute Extension

With increased building legislation and environmental awareness, high-rise residents expect their building to be environmentally friendly and to provide recycling facilities that are as convenient as garbage disposal.

At Ellipse we take recycling seriously.


The WSG TriSorter System is a specialized garbage chute extension that utilizes the building's existing waste equipment. The system directs residents' materials into one of three existing recycling or waste containers. By installing a WSG TriSorter Recycling System, building residents will have the convenience of garbage, recycling and organics disposal using the existing chute on their floor. This eliminates the burden of carrying materials to a recycling depot located somewhere in (or outside of) the building.


Retrofittable - Easily retrofitted into most buildings with minimal disruption to residents.

Organic Ready - Dispose of organics into the chute, avoiding the added hassle of transporting materials through the building.

Proven Garbage Savings - Third-party studies show that retrofitted buildings decrease garbage going to landfill and associated tipping fees by increasing recycling recovery rates.

Preserves Common Elements - Reduces the wear and tear of common elements by having all materials collected in your existing garbage chute — saves elevators, carpets, and wall coverings.

Cleanliness - Promotes an environmentally friendly, sanitary community by not having to store potentially flammable recyclables on each floor.

Labour Savings - Eliminates expensive floor-to-floor collection by maintenance staff.

Increased Building Value - Becomes a valuable cost-saving, environmental amenity and selling feature of the building. Flexible payment plans include leasing to reduce capital costs, and installment terms.

Support - Maintained by one of the largest service and support fleets in Canada, and backed by our factory-trained technicians. Educational support provided by our staff using the latest environmental education techniques.

Value-Added Building Services - Available pressurized garbage chute cleaning, odour control systems, preventative maintenance programs and waste equipment life-cycle analysis.

Advanced Environmental Technology (AET) Design

“Smart and Green” - Incorporates the latest in environmental technology with solid-state, quality components. Flexible - Programmable components adaptable to buildings' changing needs.

Energy Efficient - LED lighting and improved compaction design to reduce energy consumption, including the use of biodegradable oil.

Troubleshooting - Monitoring system signals building staff using existing security hardware, internet or pager.

Regional Materials - Manufactured from locally-produced materials which support local resources and reduces the environmental impacts resulting from transportation. WSG TriSorter installation contributes to LEED® certification for existing buildings.

Waste Solutions Group - TriSorter

The Company: Waste Solutions Group

WSG is an environmental Toronto-based waste and recycling equipment manufacturer that provides comprehensive, 24-hour, full-service waste management solutions for high-rise residential buildings across Canada.

Established in 2001 with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, WSG are industry experts who have earned a premier reputation by providing a unique multi-tiered approach to waste control and recycling optimization.

WSG manufactures and maintains automated recycling systems, compactors, containers, and garbage chutes, making us one of the most complete and professional companies in North America.

Waste Solutions Group
Telephone: (416) 744-9183
TOLL FREE 1-866-439-7626
Fax (416) 744-0472
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Toronto - Ottawa

Click here for a demonstration of the Trisorter Recycling System