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Instructions to Occupants on Fire Procedures


  1. Leave the fire area.
  2. Close all doors behind you.
  3. Activate the Fire Alarm, by using pull stations.
  4. Use exit stairwells and leave the building immediately.
  5. Telephone the City Of Toronto Fire Services from a safe place by dialing 911 (never assume this has been done.)
    Know the correct address and location of the fire in the building.
  6. Do Not use elevators
  7. Do Not return until it is declared safe to do so by a Fire Dept. Official.


  1. Before opening the door, feel knob for heat. If not hot, brace yourself against door and open slightly. If you feel air pressure or hot draft, close the door quickly.
  2. If you find no fire or smoke in the corridor, close door behind you and leave by nearest exit.
  3. Do not use elevators.
  4. If you encounter smoke in the corridor or stairwell, consider taking an alternative exit where it maybe clear, or return to your suite.
  5. Listen for instructions or information, which may be given by authorized personnel.
  6. If instructions indicate or situation warrants that an evacuation is necessary, close door behind you and leave by the nearest exit.
    If you encounter smoke in the corridor or, stairwell, consider taking an alternate exit or return to your suite.


If you cannot leave your suite or have returned to it because of fire or heavy smoke, remain in your suite;

  1. Close the door.
  2. Unlock door for possible entry of fire fighters.
  3. Dial 911 and tell the City Of Toronto Eke Services where you are.
  4. Seal all cracks where smoke may get in by using wet towels or sheets or masking tape.
  5. Crouch low to the floor if smoke comes into the room.
  6. Move to the most protected room and partially open a window for air (close window if smoke comes in).
    Then signal to fire fighters by waving a sheet from a window.
  7. Wait to be rescued. Remain calm. Do not jump.
Fire Awareness