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Floorplans: The Ellipse collection

Your home is your personal niche in the global village. It is about space and how you attach your own stamp to it. Your home is about decor and collections. It is about personality and your moods. It is about family and friends It is about entertaining and it is about quiet moments spent alone with a book or movie on DVD. Your home is about convenience and comfort.

Following are floorplan layouts available to you at The Ellipse. The towers are 34-storeys tall and there are two rows of two-story townhouses. Not all model suites are available on every floor. Click on any of the floorplates below to access the floorplans on those particular levels. To see the list of all the models available click here. The floor designs in one tower are mirror images of the designs in the other tower.

The Ellipse Condominiums Unit Layout

These are the different floorplate configurations available at The Ellipse

Why are there gaps in floor numbers?

The levels of a multi-story building are numbered sequentially, from "one" or "ground" upwards. In some countries, the number 13 is considered unlucky and building owners will sometimes purposely omit the thirteenth floor. Similarly, new buildings in some parts of China omit the fourth, fourteenth, twenty-fourth, etc. floors, as the word "four" (Hanzi: ) sounds like "death" in Mandarin, the predominant dialect for the country, and most other Chinese dialects.

The same logic was applied to the numbering of the units therefore there are no units with number 4, 13 or 14.

Do you know the assessed value of your unit?

Visit the site of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

Each year, the MPAC prepares an assessment roll for every Ontario municipality. The roll provides the assessed value of all the properties in a municipality or in the jurisdiction of a school board with taxing authority.

MPAC also prepares supplementary assessment lists, which municipalities use to add in-year tax revenue from new construction or major alterations to properties.